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Top 10 Places In India To Celebrate New Year

New Year is the time of the year to celebrate. We all want to welcome the New Year with our friends and family away from the normal routine of our daily lives. Planning a trip for the New Year with your wife and kids or with friends in India? We’d love to help. Here below we have compiled for your help a list of top 10 New Year destinations in India.


1. Goa
Goa is no doubt the best place in India to celebrate new year with your family and friends. Goa provides all types of fun one needs at this time of the year. The state of Goa consists of several beautiful aspects including beaches, pubs, bars, discos, guest houses, resorts etc. Each and every type of drink is available to celebrate the best.goa


2. Mumbai
New years are meant for making resolutions and working towards making your dreams come true,so what better place to vacation in other than ‘The City of Dreams’? Mumbai, which is so often compared to New York City, has so many places for vacationers. One of the most happening cities in India, specially nightlife-wise, Mumbai has a whole host of New Year parties this season. You’ll be spoilt for choice with clubs and parties galore, suiting your mood.mumbai


3. Pondicherry
Pondicherry is again one of the most desired destination to hang around with family and friends on the eve of new year. There are several event organizers who organize events on the eve of new year. The beaches are the best place to enjoy at Pondicherry. Apart from that, special sea foods and drinks are also available to make the celebrations more special.CORRECTION-BYLINE People celebrate the first public countdown to the New Year in Yangon on December 31, 2012. Some 50,000 people were expected to gather at the revered golden Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon for the city's first public countdown to the New Year and fireworks. AFP PHOTO / Soe Than WIN


4. New Delhi
The capital of the country is of course also the capital of partying, which guarantees you a good time here on new year’s eve. A bunch of different themed parties and a new year countdown at Connaught Place also add the special touch that few places can boast of.new-delhi


5. Varanasi
One of the best places to enjoy new year’s eve if you plan on more of a spiritual and clean start. The lights, floating candles and fireworks along the ghats are a blessed sight to behold. The chanting and the sacred air of the place is sure to fill you with a new strength and a sense of spiritual fulfillment for the coming year.varanasi


6. Manali
Manali is one of the most beautiful place in India. During winters, Manali becomes one of the favorite destinations in new year because of the snow fall and various snow sporting activities. This place is full of tourists on new years as people want to start a beautiful new year at a beautiful place.manali


7. Rajasthan:
If your New Year drive is to be amid colors and traditions, Rajasthan is the place to be. Go to any part of the state, you will be welcomed with colorful culture, traditions and wonderful food. Rajasthan is full of exotic sites, like forts and palaces to visit. A great destination for families and friends, Rajasthan has places like “the city of lake” – Udaipur, “pink city” – Jaipur and the “golden city of India” – Jaisalmer to visit. If you still like the hills, Mount Abu, the hill station of the west stands there to welcome you for the New Year celebration.rajasthan


8. Kolkata
Kolkata which was previously known as Calcutta during the British rule, is a city that is rich in culture and extremely diverse in nature. Calcutta has long enthralled travelers from far-flung countries all over the world. Centuries later, and armed with a new name, ‘Kolkata’ is busy and bustling. But if you care to look beyond the cacophony of noise and heat, this enigmatic city could give you a whole gamut of experience unlike anywhere in India.kolkata


9. Kerala
No destination in India gets better than Kerala when it comes to choosing a place to spend that special time with your loved one. If you want the most romantic New Year ever, trip down to Kerala, hire a houseboat and be on the waves this New Year. Kerala is home for some of the finest beach parties which can be really exotic and enthralling. If you vision to spend a beautiful New Year amid natural beauty, Kerala should undoubtedly be the most innovative idea.kerala


10. Hyderabad
Hyderabad is an absolute treat as it offers a wide range of attractions all in one city such as heritage moments, lakes and palaces, museums to a delectable cuisine and shopping. Hyderabad is also home to one of the biggest zoos in all of India- The Nehru Zoological Park! It was set up in 1959 and is a natural habitat of all types of birds and animal species. Also its lion safari park is the first of its kind in all of south Asia.hyderabad

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