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India’s Top 10 Awesome Wedding Destination, get Wedding memorable

The interest of planning a wedding at exotic locations in the country is on the rise as many Indians as well as foreigners get married in extravagant places. In a country like India, where the God of Nature resides, there are places such as Goa, Kerala, Rajasthan and many more for the couples to choose from, for their wedding and the subsequent honeymoon ecstasy. So if you are planning for a wedding and searching for the top wedding destinations in India, well, we will guide you with below destinations.
Goa is one dream location for planning your wedding. The picturesque beaches and the serene atmosphere make this place, one of the popular spots to tie the knot. If you plan for a beach wedding, then you need to get permission and hence it is better to leave the work to a wedding planner who will make all necessary arrangements. There are many luxury hotels in the city who arrange for wedding, accommodation etc. The Leela and Taj Exotica are the luxury hotels that are popular in Goa. Most people, who prefer Goa as their wedding destination, would want their wedding in beaches.goa


2.Andaman and Nicobar Islands:
If you want a gratifying and romantic beginning to your life, Andaman & Nicobar Islands would be the perfect destination where you can plan for your wedding. The soothing and pleasing climate of these islands is excellent for your romantic getaway. The coconut palms along the seashore of these islands add zing to your wedding voyage. The Ross or the Havelock Islands are the perfect venues to tie the knot.andaman-and-nicobar


The splendid Himalayas cuddle up this delightful city that’s both conventional and contemporary. It’s more like getting married amidst the hills or taking an extraordinary leap by planning the ceremonies inforest guest houses or camps by the river. Shimla allures those who love the mountains and the snow and fantasize of having a Destination wedding in the Himalayas.shimla


Rajasthan’s regal palaces is the majestic Jai Mahal Palace in the pink city, Jaipur. Set amidst 18 acres of Mughal Gardens, this heritage property is built in Indo-Saracenic style of architecture and reeks of opulence from every corner. The palace houses grand outdoor as well as indoor venues for your big day.jaipur


5.New Delhi:
New Delhi is one of the most perfect wedding destinations in India as there are many venues where wedding ceremonies are organized in a luxurious way. You will find some top class hotels like The Tivoli Grand Resort Hotel, The Taj Mahal Hotel, The Imperial Hotel, The Park Hotel, etc. One of the most famous Sainik Farms is also the most luxurious areas where wedding ceremonies are often organized. If you looking for atraditional yet unconventional wedding, you can choose the very popular ‘The Manor’, a perfect venue in the New Delhi that is known for its elegance and luxury.new-delhi


Kerala is also an ideal destination for the beach weddings where you and your partner can exchange your love alongside the blue seas. Backwater wedding is also quite popular in this place. The ethical temples will also give you sanctity that is necessary for a calm and composed life for years to come. Zuri Kumarakom is the place where most of the weddings in Kerala take place because of the luxury it provides to the couples along with the serenity. Varkala is the best place for beach weddings. Elephant themed weddings are also getting popular in the recent times where the couples will be taken on elephant back. This mixture of picturesque beauty, backwaters, temples, and greener surroundings make Kerala, the top wedding destination in the country.kerala


It’s a holy place that brings the religious community of the nation together and weddings are also organized in a pleasant way. Tying the knot on the banks of the holy River Ganga, or may say in a resort give special feeling to your heart. One of the most popular hotels famous for organizing royal wedding is “The Hotel Ganga Kinare”. It rests in a picturesque locale and offers a pleasant setting to create new beginnings. One may feel relaxed while rituals are performed near the resort’s temple.rishikesh


No list about exotic marriage locations in India can be complete without this place. Isn’t it a great idea to celebrate one’s conjugal bliss in the environs of the epitome of love: The Taj Mahal. Agra possesses some gigantic hotels and resorts overlooking the Taj where many people organize their wedding ceremonies in the illumination of one of the most striking wonders of the world.agra


Boasting of sprawling acreage, the Palace Grounds, Bangalore, are ideal for those who wish for an elaborate wedding ceremony not far away from the cityscape. Owned by the Mysore royal family, the complex houses beautifully manicured gardens, a ballroom and Durbar Hall where extravagant weddings, private parties and cultural events are a common affair.bangalore


Lying on the banks of river Ganga, starting new life in the holiest city of India, is an attractive proposition for a lot of couples. Home to famous Kashi temple, Ramanagar fort, Assi Ghat, Dhamek Stupa, etc. With its old-world charm, Benaras is a preferred destination wedding spot for a lot of North Indians, however others are also catching up.banaras

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