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Amazing Mysore and Coorg honeymoon Destination.

South India and fearing that we would get exhausted by adding one more destination in our itinerary, we foolishly dropped the idea of visiting Mysore. This blog that brings to you the best places in and around Mysore that one must visit.
Best Places to Visit in Coorg

1. The Abbey Falls
one of the best places to visit in Coorg Abbey Falls. The amazing waterfalls cascading from majestic mountains of the Western Ghats, with misty clouds in the backdrop, is a beauty to behold. Abbey Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in South India, located 10 km. away from Madikere.the-abbey-falls


2. Raja’s seat
Located in the region of Madikeri town, the Raja’s Seat is a popular tourist spot. It was one of the favourite gardens of the kings of Kodagu, who used to spend time here with their queens. If you manage to reach here early, you can catch the picturesque view of the sunrise. You can also get a panoramic view of the valley right up till Kerala.rajas-seat


3. Pushpagiri wildlife sanctuary
Pushpagiri wildlife sanctuary counted as one of the best in the world for bird watching, it is a refuge to several endangered species. If you are interested in flora, then you will be delighted to spot several species unique to the region such as Mesua ferrea and Albizia lebbeck.pushpagiri-wildlife-sanctuary


4. Tibetan Monastery
Tibetan Monastery, is located near Kushalnagar. The major attractions of this place are the three 40-feet tall golden statues of Buddha. You will get to know a lot about Tibetan Buddhist mythology through the walls of the temple, as they are adorned with beautiful paintings of Buddhist gods and demons.tibetan-monastery


5. Omkareshwara Temple
The beautiful Omkareshwara Temple was built in 1820 and features spectacular Mumammadan architectural style with a center dome and four corners with turrets. The temple has a Shiva Linga near the entrance, which was built to console the spirit of a Brahmin who was unjustly killed by the king Lingarajendra II. The tempto Lord Shiva.omkareshwara-temple


Best Places to Visit in Mysore


1. Mysore Palace
Mysore Palace also known as the Mysore Maharaja Palace. The palace is situated in the city’s center, so you know, it cannot be missed anyway. The architecture is up for appreciation as it is a fine mix of Hindu, Islam, Gothic and Rajput styles. The stunning interior displays intricate craftsmanship.Mysore Palace - India


2. Karanji Lake
Chamundi Hills is a huge lake called Karanji Lake. Constructed by the King of Mysore, Karanji is a 90-acre water body and is amongst the biggest lakes in Karnataka. The lake has become the shelter for migratory birds and as many as 90 species of birds can be found here.karanji-lake


3. Mysore Zoo
Behind the Karanji Lake is the Shri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens at Mysore also known as Mysore zoo. The Zoo is spread in a 157acre of land and houses a huge range of wildlife species not only from our country but animals from around the world.mysore-zoo


4. Brindavan Gardens
The Brindavan Gardens are located a level below the Krishna Raja Sagara dam. It is a major tourist attraction near Mysore and is also regarded as one of the most beautiful gardens in the state of Karnataka. The most exciting experience at this garden is the musical fountain show that is scheduled in the evenings.brindavan-gardens


5. KRS Dam
Krishna Raja Sagara dam is a major tourist place near Mysore. Almost all the tourist that make it to the palace in Mysore that ensures to offer a refreshing experience. The dam is also the first irrigation dam in India and is accounted to be one of the most beautiful tourist spots around Mysore.krs-dam

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